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sRs Recruiting is OPEN
We are primarily recruiting for PvE Progression in T4 and PvP

Welcome to the Social Rejects! If you are reading this, chances are you are thinking of applying. This post will contain all you need to know about how to apply and what you can expect during our recruitment process.

You will see us reference a few terms in this process:
  • Sponsor: This individual volunteers to be your advocate in the guild. They explain the guild rules, ensure you have what you need, and help to ensure this recruitment process is followed
  • Trial Period: This is the first week of the recruitment process where you get to know members, find a sponsor (if you haven't already), and get acclimated to the guild
  • Review Period: This is the final two weeks of the recruitment process where a poll is put up in our internal forums to vote on your membership. Trials must achieve a minimum of 10 votes with 90% approval rating to be accepted as a full member.
Application Steps
You know you are ready to apply when:
  • You are familiar with sRs--i.e. what we do, what we offer, what we expect.
  • You are not a guild hopper.
  • You do not rage or insult your fellow AoC gamers in game or in the forums
  • You are not here for the loot, albeit you will get loot eventually.
  • Ideally you would like to fill in a sponsored application which requires some "work" on your part--i.e. finding a sponsor.
  • Last but not least, you are 17 years old or older.

Step 1: Filling out the application
  • Find the Application link at the top of the forums and fill in the appropriate application. Failing to do so will result in a denied application irrespective of how articulate your application is.
  • List ALL your toons (names and classes) as well as provide more than just a few words to answer each question. Remember, your trying to vet votes, so one way you can do this is by the effort you put into your application
  • Check your application thread daily while providing timely input. It is recommended you "subscribe" to the post to notify you of any movement in the thread.
  • If you have a sponsor, ensure to list them in your application. If you do not have a sponsor, please note that as well.

Step 2: Application is filled, now what?
  • If you have a sponsor, they will reply acknowledging this role in your thread. If you do not have a sponsor, the "clock starts ticking" and you must start to look for one
  • Our recruitment officer will respond to your application thread with the Phase one (Trial) and Phase two (Review) deadlines.
  • Only then will (should) you receive a guild invite from the recruitment officer only.

Step 3: Trial Period
During your trial period, the following items must occur. If they do not, your application will be denied and the whole process needs to start again:
  • Find a sponsor (if you don't have one)
  • Complete Interview / Overview of the Guild
  • Get to know sRs members! Its your responsibility to interact with others and let them get to know you. The best was to do this is join 6 mans, raids, mini games, hang out with them in mumble.
  • You must be active during your trial!! However, things happen. Its Murphy's Law. If you have a problem and you cannot be active, let your sponsor know. We can work with you to give you more time, put your app on hold, etc. The main point here is to communicate and let us know what is going on. Else, we assume you have lost interest.
Step 4: Review Period
  • A copy of your application is made in a section of the forum you have no access to.
  • Full members are then asked to comment on whether they feel you should be made a full member or not.
  • All negative responses are to communicated to you by your sponsor and addressed.

Step 5: Accepted/Denied
At the end of the review period, officers decide if you are a good fit and are a full member. A denied application means you cannot re-apply for 30 days since the last denial. You can only be denied twice.