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Moving back to TS!

Jan 24 2017 06:43 AM | Hemi in Website

Discord didn't seem to catch on with folks - so packing our shit and heading back to TS! Please see the info in the linked article.

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We're moving to Discord

Jul 20 2016 12:46 AM | Georgetta in Website

So... Discord is a new voice / text chat program and its cool... and did I mention its FREE? :)


It works a little different, but the overall principal is the same.


Server Link: https://discord.gg/juWW9qd


Once you join, well assign you to the proper group and all that.


Discord has computer based app, as well as a phone app. Both can be obtained from the link below:


Application: https://discordapp.com/

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Black Desert Server

Feb 28 2016 02:17 AM | Georgetta in Articles

Ok! So after a little back and forth, we have decided on a server. Well be playing on....


OWREN (Exuun Edit:) Orwen


Please see thread [ here ] for details. Channel info and invite details will be forth coming. Folks should be in Teamspeak, if you need something.


Please also try to keep an eye on the Launch Day thread in case there are any more last minute adjustments. It seems that while there are no official labels for these servers, the community has been separating themselves out. There may be other things like this that come up.

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Black Desert Launch Plans

Feb 22 2016 01:18 PM | Georgetta in Articles

We will be creating a Social Rejects in Black Desert Online!


If you are already joining us, or would like more info on the game, I have some resources in this [ forum ] for you.

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Black Desert!

Feb 13 2016 01:47 AM | Georgetta in Articles

Post: http://www.srejects....2-black-desert/


Release date: March 3rd
Closed Beta 2: Feb. 18th to Feb. 22nd


So this game is coming out soon! It looks like it has promise. I posted some info in this thread about it and wanted to see who was interested in playing. Ill try to keep a running list.


Would love to hear feedback from people who are in the upcoming beta.

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We Moved to TeamSpeak!

Feb 21 2015 04:16 PM | Georgetta in Articles

We've completed moving to Teamspeak! Please see the thread below for the info on how to download and connect.


The old vent server should be shut off in the next couple days and the refund will go back into the site fund. (yay!)

Big THANK YOU, Hemi, for getting this setup and running it. :) Teamspeak has a lot of new features and voice quality is so much better.

Enjoy everyone!!

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AoC raids

May 15 2014 02:23 PM | ExuuN in Articles

There's going to be a T4 collaboration between sRs and RA. If you wanna raid, post that you'll be here, and let me know what toon you wanna bring.

Raid time: 8:00 pm (2000hrs cst)
Date: Friday, 5/16/14

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ESO Meeting Saturday 4/12

Apr 10 2014 06:13 PM | NuclearSoldier in Articles

A little bit short notice but we plan on having a brief meeting in vent this Saturday 4/12 @ 8pm est (5pm pst). Come hang out with us!

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ESO Guild Video

Mar 30 2014 12:00 AM | Georgetta in Articles

Katsuke has worked really hard... Fuzzy may have provided incentive of the whip and chain variety.


Anyhoo!! Check it out! He did a fantastic job!!

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ESO Member Meeting!

Mar 27 2014 12:19 AM | Georgetta in Articles

ESO is 4 days a way! Exuun & Nuke are throwing a party... I mean guild meeting... so we can talk about plans for Early Access!

Place: Vent
Date: Saturday, 03/29 8:00PM EST

Please see thread [ here ] for more info! Hope y'all are excited :)

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